Orgatex Visual Tools Catalog

Orgatex provides a variety of visual communication and material flow products, including color-coded magnetic signs for white boards, color-labeling accessories, floor markings, sign frames, aisle and bin tags, Kanban and Heijunka systems, lean dollies for trains, FIFO rails for cart management and more. Just select your preferred delivery option (digital download or mailed printed copy).

Version: 017.1
Published: 2017
Page count: 271
File size (digital download): 26.5 MB

Orgatex Catalog Contents:

  1. Container Labeling
  2. Storage Labeling
  3. LongLife Floor Markings
  4. Hanging Signs
  5. Inserting Systems
  6. Visual Boards
  7. Material Flow

Inventory levels vary by part number. Give us a call at 952-898-1311 for stock availability.


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