Manual Production Systems Catalog; Bosch Rexroth; 3842538281

The Manual Production Systems catalog from Bosch Rexroth contains part numbers, drawings/measurements and technical specifications for accessories and add-ons to improve manual assembly areas. It also includes a ton of great ideas to get your continuous improvement projects started. Just select your preferred delivery option (digital download or mailed printed copy).

Version: 7.0
Published: June 2018
Page count: 222
File size (digital download): 47.9 MB

Manual Production Systems Catalog Contents:

  1. Manual Production Systems
  2. Workstations
  3. Grab containers
  4. Swivel work chairs
  5. Flow rack systems
  6. EcoShape tubular framing system
  7. EcoFlow linking elements
  8. Material shuttle and FiFo station
  9. Case lifters
  10. ActiveCockpit (new!)
  11. Infoboards
  12. Components
  13. Technical Data
  14. Material number overview
  15. Index

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