40X80mm Aluminum Extrusions; Rectangular with T-slots; Bosch Rexroth MGE

Here are t-slotted modular aluminum framing extrusions, the building blocks for industrial projects and Do-It-Yourself engineers or Makers who have some ideas for cool projects they want to build.

These Modular Aluminum Extrusions are light and strong, have a clear anodized finish and include t-slots along the length that allow you to easily connect adjacent extrusions or attach other items like panels, tool holders, monitor arms and more.

The extrusions are 40x80mm and have 10mm T-slots.

Also; see Connection Hardware for useful attaching devices.

Inventory levels vary by part number. Give us a call at 952-898-1311 for stock availability.

SKU: 3842993130/457.2mm (18 in)

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