ActiveAssist interactive assembly system Catalog

With the ActiveAssist interactive assembly system, Rexroth concentrates its years of experience in the fields of lean production and ergonomic workstation design – and is expanding on this with pioneering Industry 4.0 intelligence. At the heart of ActiveAssist is a freely configurable software that connects physical assembly workstations with the virtual world: completely networked, modularly extendable, easily integrated, and above all, extremely quick and easy to learn.

Available as printed catalog or digital PDF.

Version: 1.0
Published: June 2018
Page count: 36
File size (digital download): 3.7 MB

ActiveAssist Catalog contents:

  • ActiveAssist advantages
  • Software
  • Networking
  • Product overview
  • Product structure
  • ActiveAssist modules
    • ActiveAssist basic set
    • Projection module
    • Hand-tracking module
  • ActiveAssist extension modules
    • Tool control unit extension module
    • Product identification, bar code scanner
  • ActiveAssist accessories
    • Label projection 45-degree
    • HEAP connection kit
    • Input unit push button
  • Technical data
  • Sample configurations
  • Material number overview, Index

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